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Are you suspicious that you are not getting enough customers as per the budget that you are spending?

Your suspicion might be correct. According to the Association of National Advertisers study, only a quarter amount of the money you spend for digital ads actually reaches the people. The bot driven and cost are getting higher each year. The scene is however changing. The advertisers are getting aware of such frauds. The big companies like Procter & Gamble and JPMorgan Chase have slashed their online budget in search for transparency. You also can follow their lead. Take the help of a Toronto SEO company to know more about the digital shady ways which are sucking your money.

The huge ROI of the digital ads have been making this fraud hazy for quite a long time. As people are gaining more digital awareness, the scene is changing massively. Below are some ways through which you are losing your money. Check them and the little solutions that can provide you with a small relief.toronto seo company

Serving Bots Instead of Humans

Just take a blind guess, what is the size of the fraudulent industry?

White Ops has conducted a study that revealed that roughly about 20 percent of all ad sites of the internet are fraudulent. In simpler words, your answer is a billion dollar industry.

This industry is entirely dependent on the bots which impersonate human behavior. Most ad buyers do not even know what is happening behind their backs. To get a hold of the situation, Get in touch with a Toronto SEO company for help. You can also try using ad fraud detection tool which helps to monitor the ad campaigns.

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Lacking Precision

How will you sell if you do not know who will buy your product?

Targeting is one of the most important tools for advertising and marketing. The studies have found that even less than 20 per cent of the reached audience is right for the product. While creating the ad you have to look at different factors to decide whether he or he will be the correct audience for your product. There are various online tools which you can use to make your ad more precise or you can take help of a Toronto SEO company.

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Working Without a CLV Calculation

Customer Lifetime Value or CLV is the amount of profit you can gain from a particular customer during the time he or she stays loyal to you. You can also use this technique to get more customers for your product or services. It can help you to decide how much money you can spend to acquire a loyal customer for your product. The benefits of CLV has been proven already, however, most companies are not aware of the benefits of the procedure. Don’t make the same mistakes as others. Talk with a Toronto SEO company to make the right decision for your digital ads.

There are so many tools that you can use to track the money spent on digital advertising. Modern advertisers are a step ahead of you because they know what should do to make the most of the money spent on ads. Don’t fall back. Get to know more about the advancements of technology and make the proper decision. There is no harm in taking the help of the professionals such as a Toronto SEO company.

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